NYC Triathlon 2014

by Jordan on August 15, 2014

This 6th place finish is kind of hard to figure out. On the one hand 6th isn’t very good coming off of two wins. On the hard hand, I had my best swim there, my best bike by watts, and my best run. Plus I simply felt good – I felt like my training was great in the lead up and I felt really good on race day.

How fast the swim would be was an uncertainty on race morning. The swim is in the Hudson and usually with the current so is fast. I usually get out of the water here in around 13 minutes vs 19 without a current for 1500m. At the pre-race pro meeting we were told that there would be no current when the pros started and there could even be a current at us. Well that could really change things as the swim could double in time. After that, I looked up the current chart and it showed that the river should slack at 5:15am. After that the tail current builds until the men’s start at 6am. So I still thought we’d have a tail current but was uncertain why some thought otherwise. In the end there was a tail current and an even stronger one than past years. I felt really strong in the water and got out :27 behind Cam and :24 behind Ben so that was a great start even even closer than I’ve been to Ben here in the past.

On the long run to our bikes, I got passed by some guys and when I got on the bike I caught them a few minutes in. They were all great runners (Kaleb Vanort, Chris Foster, Taylor Reid, and Jesse Thomas) so I knew I wanted to put some time into them as well as move up to the front of the race. Cam got a flat so then I was riding in 2nd with only Ben out front. My watts were fantastic and it was the best I’ve felt on the bike this season so I liked my chances of catching him. The problem emerged though that Ben was riding even better so I wasn’t catching him. Plus, I was continually getting a gap on the guys behind me and then I’d continue riding strong to the point where I thought I’d get a minute gap but then they kept battling back to 10 seconds back. Getting off the bike, I had ridden my best watts ever, 343 for the middle 55:30 when I chop off the very start and finish of getting in and out of transition. That’s a big bump over my previous best of 330 at 5150 Kansas where the swim was cancelled so we were starting the bike fresh. So the bike was definitely good, especially considering we were riding in the rain, but all those great runners were just 5-10 seconds behind me.

I definitely had Kanye's Power song in my head on repeat for motivation

We ran up a steep hill off the river level and to street level then started blasting it. I felt good, but not 5:00 pace good, so was struggling early to hang with the pace. The guys slowly inched away and it felt like there was nothing I could do to match the speed. I ran some great 400′s the week before the race which were my best in years so my turnover is definitely tops right now but these guys still flat out out-ran me. By the time we hit the mile they had 5 seconds on me but it was a big 5 and it wasn’t getting smaller. I stayed strong throughout the run, keeping the turnover good on the hills and holding down 5:24 avg pace on a tough and hilly Central Park run course. I did 0.5 auto laps with my Polar V800 and you can see those here if you click “Automatic Laps” towards the bottom.

At the finish I was in 6th, 1:03 away from Chris in 3rd and a little under 3:00 from the win. Hats off to Ben who backed up his dependable swim/bike combo with a great run. Props also to the Kaleb, Chris, Taylor, and Jesse who looked like a D1 college XC team out there blasting away at the terrain. With that, like I said at the start, I’m definitely bummed not to get the win here again but I’m alright with it given that I felt really fit for the race, I put it out there on race day with a big effort, and I execute well on race day in terms of putting all my fitness out there. I guess it’s kind of like what Whitney means when she says “It’s not right but it’s ok.”

Post race with some fellas I've enjoyed racing with through the years: Jesse Thomas, Ben Collins, me, Cam Dye.

Up next is the Chicago Triathlon on 8/24 then, good news, I did get into Hy-Vee so I’ll get to race in that elite field for a big prize purse in Des Moined on 8/31.


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